This week I attended the South End Neighborhood Association candidate forum. I heard from both candidates running for City Commission, District 5. I always want to hear from anyone who chooses to offer themselves to serving our city.

It is clear that Christina works for all the neighborhoods. She is engaging, honest, inclusive and listens, which is what one ought to expect from an elected official. I have attended many of the meetings on key issues that she has hosted here in the south end on public safety, neighborhoods, and city updates. It is most appropriate that city government come to its citizens – as much as we go to government – to ensure greater participation in the processes of government. That is working smarter.

I have watched Christina on the City Commission and fully believe she is working for our neighborhoods and represents ALL of the district well. She supports or opposes projects based on merit and community input, clearly understanding the sometimes difficult balance between greater good and the individual right. She knows that being a Commissioner is not like our 6th grade math books, the answers are not in the back of the book.

The Golf Course and 8111 South Dixie are moving steadily, but thoughtfully forward. As President of the Commission and the District 5 representative, she understands the economic impact of these two issues, not only for the south end, but city-wide.

Having served the city as a Commissioner in the past, I still attend commission meetings and never hesitate to question, support, converse, and hold accountable our commissioners. Christina has what it takes, and she has earned my support in her re-election.

Join me in voting Christina Lambert for City Commissioner, District 5, on Tuesday, March 17th.


David Smith
Southend resident
Former City Commissioner